Executive Board
  • Dietrich von Gruben, Dipl.-Kfm., Entrepreneur
  • Achim Dehne, Human Resources Director, Sparkasse Altmark West
  • Sabine Spangenberg, Salzwedel
Board of Trustees
  • Dirk Lüttich, Entrepreneur
  • Joachim Mikolajczyk, Director “KulTour-Betrieb Salzwedel”
  • Cornelia Blödow, Section Head, Adult Education Centre
  • Uwe Schulze, Dipl.-Ing., Building Services
  • Carolin Steinfeld, Global Product Manager, Hamburg
  • Anne Buch, Exhibitions and Graphic Services
  • Anne Schliephake, Assistant, Executive Board, Event Management
  • Philipp Lau, FSJ Kultur

The Stiftung is always looking for volunteers willing to serve as exhibition guides and attendants.
We need people who would enjoy telling our guests more about the building and its works of art.
Please contact us for more information at info(at) or +49 3901 3 02 27 77

Your Kunsthaus Team!




03901 842 777

Neuperverstraße 18,
29410 Salzwedel

Guided tours

Ask for information 03901 842 777 or send us an eMail to info(at)