We are happy to introduce the Kunsthaus Salzwedel!
Welcome to a house filled with life...

On 2,000 square metres and four floors, you’ll find a restaurant, studios, offices, club rooms, an auditorium for conferences and events and a concert hall. On the first floor, you’ll find exhibition rooms for our permanent exhibit of the Kopriva Collection (US) featuring internationally renowned works of art and for special exhibitions.

When the Kunststiftung Salzwedel took on the Kunsthaus project, the following goals were set. Many of them have already been realised.

  • The listed former lyceum was restored, and its impressive neo-Gothic facade remains a fixture of the historic townscape of the Hanseatic City of Salzwedel.

  • On 600 square metres of exhibition space, the Kunsthaus is presenting the permanent exhibition “Broken Brushes” – German printed graphic works of the Modern Era from the Kopriva Collection, Houston, Texas. In the near future, three to four annual special exhibitions will be added to the programme. With exhibitions and educational events (guided tours, lectures, theme nights and workshops), the Kunsthaus is making an important contribution to the cultural education of the rural Altmark region and surrounding areas.

  • The impressive auditorium offers plenty of space for concerts, theatre performances, readings and other society events. The special atmosphere of this room and the entire building enrich the offerings of the venerable Hanseatic City of Salzwedel and fill it with colourful cultural life.

  • The Kunsthaus has already become an important event space for tourism in Salzwedel, in the Altmark region and the entire Bundesland of Saxony-Anhalt and surrounding areas. It has a positive influence on the development of the tourism industry overall, as well as retail and the number of overnight stays. With its exhibitions, the Kunsthaus aims to reach 20,000 visitors per year.

  • Based on their connections with the US art collector Gus Kopriva and Hans Molzberger, professor at Houston Baptist University in Texas, international artists and art students find the Kunsthaus to be an important space for their work and presentations. Our international exchange in cooperation with Atelierhaus Hilmsen and other cultural institutions will foster tolerance and a global perspective.

  • The Kunsthaus offers large rooms to choirs, clubs, youth groups and other associations for making music, holding meetings and doing volunteer work.

  • The goal of the Kunststiftung is to make the Kunsthaus a place of coming together in friendship and curiosity, available to visitors and locals alike. Locals, tourists, artists, art and culture aficionados, young people, children, curious spirits, culinary connoisseurs and music fans can meet here and exchange ideas. The Kunsthaus offers all visitors sophisticated encounters with art and artists on a national and international level, supporting cultural life and an international perspective. It is an attractive way to counteract demographic changes and urbanisation.




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