The Building

In 1902, Braunschweig architects Berthold and Martinius began a new building project, which
came to fruition as an opulent brick building. Constructed from 1903 to 1905, the building was
opened in January 1906 as a new secondary school for girls (Lyceum). Even today, the building still dominates the city scape of Salzwedel. The citizens of Salzwedel know it as the Lyceum and later as the “Pioneer House”.

Due to being uninhabited for a long time and lack of investment funds and maintenance measures,
the building has sustained great structural damage since 2000. Dry-rot and wood pest infestations made it necessary to gut the entire building. In 2012 and 2013, the facade was completely renovated. With
the start of the interior restoration in 2014, the Kunststiftung faced more considerable challenges. By the time the Kunsthaus was opened in 2015, the restoration of the building was mostly completed. However, the Kunststiftung still needs financial support in order to complete the funding of this important restoration project. We are very grateful for your support! Please read here.

Ground-breaking ceremony

Completion and opening as a Lyceum/Secondary School for Girls

1941 - 1945
Reserve military hospital

1950 - 1990
Haus der jungen Pioniere (GDR youth organisation)

1960 - 1985
Pestalozzi remedial school

1990 - 1994
Partial use as an adult education centre

1995 - 1999
Used by Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Gymnasium (secondary school)

Sold to an investor, empty until 2011

Sold to Dietrich von Gruben, Gornig GmbH

Integration into the Kunststiftung Salzwedel, start of the remodelling project “Kunsthaus Salzwedel”

Facade restoration completed

Start of interior restoration project


First art exhibit and rooms available for other uses



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