Special Exhibitions

Every year, the Kunsthaus team is preparing approx. three special exhibitions for you. At present, we can offer you the following information about the intriguing upcoming exhibitions:

>>> Kunst in der Altmark. Anders sehen: Extended until 30.01.2022

>>> Kunst in der Altmark. Anders sehen, An exhibition project of the Magdeburg-Stendal University in the Kunsthaus Salzwedel [ 01.10.2021 - 09.01.2022, extended until 30.01.2022 ] and afterwards in the Landesvertretung Sachsen-Anhalt, Berlin

Beyond the metropolises, a lively art scene with very different styles has developed in the Altmark region in northern Saxony-Anhalt, and with Kunsthof Dahrenstedt, Künstlerstadt Kalbe, Kunsthaus Salzwedel and the Wagen & Winnen art festival, there are no less than four initiatives that are known far beyond the region. The starting point for the exhibition "Art in the Altmark. Seeing Differently" is a two-year research project of the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. Since spring 2018, artists who live and work in the Altmark region have been interviewed about their paths into art and their understanding of art. In parallel, work research took place and photographs and videos were taken. In the exhibition spaces of the Kunsthaus Salzwedel and therein presented 17 visual artists, two perspectives are interwoven with each other to implement the chosen subtitle "Seeing Differently". To open up new perspectives and to break with visual habits is intrinsic to art and is a motif of artistic practice - the works exhibited in the exhibition convey this claim. But it is also a matter of taking a look "behind the works" and of "seeing" the artists "differently" and also getting "close" to them. Textual, acoustic and visual collages and installations as well as virtual studio visits realized in 3D run through the exhibition as prepared presentations from the interview project in order to provide insights into the art business and make it possible to experience the artistic creative process. The book accompanying the exhibition, "Kunst in der Altmark . Anders Sehen - 17 artists in conversation" was published in April. Participating artists:
Peter Adler
Michael Braune
Anne Buch
Angelika Flaig
Helga Geissler
Heinrich Herbrügger
Hejo Heussen
Paul Hoffmann
Corinna Köbele
Rüdiger Laleike
Marlen Liebau
Hans Molzberger
Bettina Müller
Rieke Schmieder
Monika Thoms
Carl Vetter
Benno Zöllner

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